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INDEX – working with the major equipment manufacturers in Europe and the World.


Over the years of the company’s operation, our specialists completed more than 1,500 projects for installation of conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems of different complexity and capacity levels in Baltic states. The company started its business with small-scale projects, building on the knowledge and experience, which enabled us to take on larger, more technologically complex and demanding projects. The company’s service shop specialists perform maintenance of conditioning equipment, after-sales and post-warranty service of ventilation, refrigeration and restaurant equipment, and carry out other equipment maintenance services.

INDEX, offers professional store equipment and specializes in the design, sale, installation and maintenance of conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration systems. The company offers modern and unconventional solutions and products of the world’s leading manufacturers, ensuring flawless operation of all the equipment installed. You may have questions on the outfitting of a store, restaurant, installation of freezers, or you may need conditioning, ventilation for your apartment, office, shopping and entertainment complex or industrial facilities. In such case, our highly experienced and skilled staff will answer all of your questions, offering assistance in finding the right solution and pointing you towards the right direction, when choosing the necessary equipment, so you will never feel lost choosing from a great variety of the available equipment. The company employs specialists with more than 10 years of experience with conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and commercial equipment. Our employees attend seminars and training with manufacturers.


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We will help you to choose

Index team will help you choose the best equipment based on its price and technical characteristics, explain the benefits of the offers available, and offer various payment options.
When working with our customers, we always seek to get a better understanding of their preferences and requirements as well as offer a flexible discount system. The company employs only certified and professional mounting and maintenance specialists with many years of working experience.

We are ready to offer everything you need when purchasing the necessary commercial and refrigerating equipment:

- Highly qualified staff;
- Systematic work procedures for implementing projects of various complexity;
- Individual technical solutions;
- Modern and reliable equipment;
- Top-level quality;
- Experience and responsibility.
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Refrigeration equipment
We offer services in the following fields:
- Industrial refrigeration systems for food processing and agricultural companies;
- Sub-zero temperature freezers of various sizes for the storage and distribution of ice-cream, meat products, and poultry;
- Freezer storage rooms for dairy products, chilled meat, sausages, and other pre-packed and bulk foods;
- Freezers with humidity and CO2 control for the storage of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and flowers;
- Refrigeration systems of various capacity and complexity for marketplaces, stores, and shopping centres;
- Shock freezers-tunnels;
- Liquid cooling stations.

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Commercial equipment
Quality is a key to success for any business; therefore, when equipping a warehouse or especially a store, one should never be saving at the expense of quality. It is better to choose reliable equipment. With Index, owners of retail chains and warehouses can find all the necessary equipment of global leaders, without which any trade (food, beverages, clothing, shoes, haberdashery, medicines, etc.) is impossible. The main range of products consists of refrigerated showcases, refrigerated cabinets, freezers, ice generators, cash register desks, and shelving for stores and warehouses.
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Restaurant equipment
Kitchen is the most important place of any coffee-house or restaurant; therefore, we recommend paying particular attention to your choice of kitchen equipment. Choosing restaurant equipment is an important step. In order to choose the most suitable equipment, it is necessary to answer several key questions: what will the range of dishes, the flow of visitors, and the area of kitchen be. For example, if you plan to open a restaurant accommodating a large number of guests, you should choose high-capacity and high-volume equipment. However, when opening a small coffee-house, you will not need such powerful equipment. Regardless of the size of your coffee-house or restaurant, you will definitely need heating equipment (stove, convection oven, grill, etc.) and high-quality refrigeration equipment for the storage of fresh ingredients and ready-to-cook food.
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Air conditioners & ventilation systems
Conditioning is a technological process, which helps control the ambient temperature. Its result is controlled room temperature, humidity, and cleanness of air. Domestic and commercial conditioners, chillers, VRF systems, ventilation systems – wholesale and retail trade, installation, and maintenance.
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Freezers. Gates and doors
Doors and gates for refrigerated spaces are an important element of low-temperature warehouses and refrigerated rooms. Their structure affects both thermal insulation and operating costs.
Products offered by our company cover a wide range of temperatures and various levels of air humidity. No additional force is required to operate such gates. The products meet the strictest hygiene requirements and help save energy. High quality of the gates makes it possible to use them inside and outside the premises, i.e. the doors can be exposed to changing weather conditions.
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Once you have purchased refrigeration and conditioning equipment for meeting various needs, expanding business or ensuring comfort, there is always a risk that it will break down. Usually, this happens at the most inopportune moment. Preventive and qualified maintenance is required to ensure long-term and reliable operation of your equipment.

We are professionals in our field. The company offers MAINTENANCE services 24/7 all year round.
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